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To the Person Who Censored This Book

I get a lot of weird and/or funny stories out of my workplace. I often come home and share some odd event with friends, in which everyone gets to laugh or roll their eyes. You’d think life was sleepy working … Continue reading

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Feminism and Return of Kings

There’s a website out there in the world called “Return of Kings”. And before you think it’s probably an awesome Lord of the Rings fan-fic site, let me disappoint you by saying that it’s not. It’s far from a Lord … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Talk: The Flat Earth Society

Yeah, five minutes of me rambling on about my love of the Flat Earth Society. Originally it was something like twenty minutes, so I had to cut it down–but trust me when I say there is so much more ridiculousness … Continue reading

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“I Know in My Heart”

Over the past few months I’ve come to a realization that I’m a literal person—a technicality type of thinker. It’s why I might be a good storyteller, but not necessarily a good writer. It’s why when someone asks, “Did you … Continue reading

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Miracles (and What We Claim as Miracles)

I recently engaged a woman in conversation by accident. Really I had just asked her how she was doing and I ended up getting talked at for five minutes. The subject of our one-sided conversation? How she’d taken a bullet … Continue reading

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