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Give Up

There is a point on the graph of Time and Space in which Nihilism and Practicality overlap on their journeys. You realize that some activities are futile while others are simply harmful to yourself. And in that tiny point of … Continue reading

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Everything Is Bad For You

It is said that we, as humans, crave three tastes above all else: Fat, sweet, and salt. This is probably in part to the fact that our bodies need protein, energy, and sodium—but I can’t say for sure, what am … Continue reading

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Just Looking For Approval

I have a bad habit of dropping projects, sticking them in the closet and never looking at them again. I have stacks of long-forgotten drawings and half-finished comics. I try not to let this happen, but it does, and quite … Continue reading

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Their Shoes

It is an unfortunate aspect of being human that prevents us from understanding situations from the outside. Generally speaking, people have a hard time looking at someone who is different from themselves and relating wholly with that other person. Upon … Continue reading

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